Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just Checking In

So it seems that some resolutions are going better than others.  I am almost finished with the two handmade projects I featured in my last post, but as you may have noticed, the "blog more" and "take more photos" resolutions have been suffering.  Maybe I'll work on that next week, after I take the big, scary NCLEX-RN!  Until then, I will continue my intimate relationship with this not-so-little jewel:

I cannot wait to hold my RN license and be able to respond to the small-talk stand-by "What do you do?", with, "I am a nurse".  Then the next step it to be able to answer the follow-up, "Oh, where do you work?"  Yep, still working on that one.

I have no doubt that the NCLEX will be nerve-wracking and scary and self-doubt inducing....but I've been preparing.  And also, gainful employment is strong motivation.  Being a broke college student has really interfered with my "buy made-in-America" resolution and that's the rationalization I'm going to stick with on that one.

On a side note, I have developed a minor addiction to Pinterest.  I wanted share this pretty (although slightly geeky) print with you.


  1. haha. Love that heart that grows flower.:) Hope you indeed will make it and fulfill your dream to be truly a nurse and find a job soon.

    God bless,
    Peny@lab coat

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  3. I like your blog a lot. Its informative and full of information. Thank you for sharing.


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